By: Munindra “Munnan” Misra | May 31, 2016

Few memories of your Baba and more memories of Badaki Mai

Baba was staying in the room where Ravi Bhaia has his office. Tall and regal he will talk to us children. 

Fufajee would sit respectfully and share their evenings. 

When he passed away and it was a crazy day. Fufajee was out of town and the Hindu cremation has to be done asap. 

I was little enough that people paid no attention to me and I witnessed the ladies of the house washing him and changing him. The thought came to my mind that these same people who would not even sit in his presence and yet his dead body was "Gita's old clothes '. It was a revelation. 
His body was kept on ice while waiting for his sons arrival. I am not sure but maybe Nehruji sent him back on govt. plane. Cro...

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